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Get Hired
in the USA
in Less Time.

Access the only U.S. Job Portal for International Candidates,

Unlock Resources for a Successful Application,

and Secure U.S. Visa Sponsorship.

Access to U.S. job market

Exclusive Resources

Visa Sponsorship 

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Eliminate the Pain of not being Noticed. Get Hired.

Applying to American jobs as a foreigner shouldn’t mean automatic rejection. We all know that applying for jobs can be difficult especially when Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) automatically eliminate foreign candidates. At Motum, we understand this pain. Our systems aim to overcome these obstacles by providing you with the tools and resources to succeed.

The Battles We All Know, A Little Too Well


Visa Hurdles

Foreign applicants struggle to provide proof that they can have a valid work visa for a job in the United States.


Job Search

Navigating suitable roles becomes challenging due to uncertainty about which jobs welcome international applicants.


Secure Application

Foreign applicants often don’t feel secure about submitting applications because they don’t believe they meet the American requirements.

We Make All This Possible For You


Boundaries are meant to be broken.
Join the Movement.

U.S. Career Toolkit

Learn the right way to apply and turn your candidacy into a profile every American employer wants to hire.

Job Portal

Check our U.S. job portal with offers tailored for international applicants.

Visa Sponsorship

Obtain Visa Sponsorship from Motum upon securing a role.

Make An Impact

At Motum, we are experts in facilitating connections between global talent and innovative companies in the United States. If you are originally from Europe and want to Intern, Work, or Research in the United States, this is the platform where you can make your dreams reality.



Motum makes it effortless for you to apply to internships that align with your background, putting you on the path towards your aspirations.

Jobs for foreigners in USA Motum


Motum offers exciting opportunities for motivated individuals seeking a change or looking to advance their career goals through a job in the United States. 

Research in the USA with Motum


Motum enables STEM professionals and graduates to unleash their curiosity and pursue dynamic, groundbreaking research opportunities  in the United States.

USA-EUROPE office exchange with Motum

Office Exchange

If you're an employee of a EU company with branches in the United States, with Motum Office Exchange you can have a smooth and efficient US Visa process. 


The excitement of accomplishing your dreams

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Skyrocket your growth by working in the dynamic and innovative economy of the USA

Apply with confidence to a wide range of job opportunities in the United States. Our commitment to provide Visa Sponsorship to foreign candidates ensures fairness and equal consideration for students, recent graduates and young working professionals like you.

Gain immediate access to the exclusive platform that allows international candidates to access jobs in America 🇺🇸

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