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Land Your Remote Dream Job at a U.S. Company 🇺🇸

At Motum, we believe that every candidate deserves the best opportunities to grow their career. That's why we connect international talent like you with top-notch U.S. companies for full-time roles that match your skills and aspirations.

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Join 2,425+ remote workers and take the next step towards your dream career.


Boundaries are meant to be broken.
Join the Remote Movement.

Career Growth

As you work remotely with top American companies, you'll gain new skills and work experience that will advance your career. Advancements and salary increases are frequently part of the journey.


Produce your best work regardless of your location and embrace the life of remote work. Excel in your role from anywhere in the world, enjoying the freedom to work where you're most productive.

Diverse Opportunities

Explore a diverse range of job opportunities various industries and roles. From tech startups to established corporations, remote work opens doors to a wide array of career paths and possibilities.

Executive Assistant LATAM

Why You Should Join Us at Motum? 

If you're seeking personal and professional growth,  you are tired of feeling undervalued, and eager to immerse yourself in an international setting, then Motum is the right place for you. Complete our application and become a #Motie to unlock exclusive jobs at leading U.S. companies. Experience the value of remote work with leading American firms, seize roles that foster both personal and professional development, and elevate your earning potential.

How It Works



Applying to top US jobs takes just a few minutes and could change your entire life.


Profile Review

Our recruitment team will review your application and evaluate your skills and background.


Intro Call

We contact you via Email or WhatsApp to schedule a first intro call with our team.



After having practiced your interview skills with us, you will be invited to interview with the US company interested in you!


Get Hired!

If you’re a perfect match and meet all requirements, you’ll be hired, offered a job, onboarded, and supported for success.

  • What is Motum and how can it help me?
    Motum is a platform that connects professionals from across the world with top U.S. companies, for on-site and remote opportunities. By joining Motum, you can find unique job opportunities tailored to international candidates.
  • Is it hard to get started?
    Not at all! Simply join our community and apply for jobs. If you are a fit for a job, our team will interviw you and assess your skills. Upon getting hired, we will take care of contracts, payments and much more, so that you can focus on what you do best - your job.
  • Will I receive any kind of support for this process?
    When a U.S. Company is interested in you, we will provide assistance with interview preparation and practice. Upon landing your dream job, we will also provide continuous support to make sure you are happy and that you thrive in your new job!
  • What are the main benefits of working full-time for a U.S. Company?
    The benefits of working full-time for a U.S. Company are many. Here's the key ones for us: 1. Be part of thriving American companies and get the chance to be at the forefront of innovation 2. Grow professionally and increase your earning potential 3. Enjoy the freedom to work-from-home 4. Gain valuable insights from top professionals in your field
  • What fields of work do you offer?
    We provide a diverse range of roles including Marketing (Community Manager, Email Marketer, Social Media Management), Graphic Design (UI/UX, Website Development), Customer Support (Customer Success Manager, Client Support Specialist), Sales & Business Development (Sales Rep, Business Dev Rep), Management (Project Manager, Account Manager), Accounting (Bookkeeping, Billers), and General Administrative Work (Research, Data Entry, Executive Assistant).
  • What if I lack confidence in my English proficiency?
    Don't stress over it too much. Your English doesn't need to be flawless. What truly matters is clarity in your story: What have you been working on? How do you approach your tasks? What tools do you utilize? Describe your communication with the team and your achievements with each project. Even if your English isn't perfect, as long as your narrative is clear, the hiring manager can discern the value you bring to the role through your skills.

Our Candidates Love To Work Remotely With Motum




Say they find their remote job at an American company more stimulating and engaging than their previous job in their home country.



Increase your earning potential and earn up to 2.4 more when you perform great remote work for U.S. companies (LATAM candidates).



Are developing extraordinary skills to excel in their career and are set to reach career advancements and pay increases.

We Offer Careers, not Jobs

If you are ready to elevate your career, apply now.

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