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The All-In-One Platform To Hire International Talent

Empower your hiring strategy by accessing high-caliber international candidates from Europe or LATAM with US level degrees, English proficiency, great skills, and an incredible work ethic.

Access to Global Talent

Swift Onboarding for Remote Roles

Visa Sponsorship  for Onsite Roles

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Eliminate the Struggle of Hiring International Talent

The international hiring process shouldn’t be so hard. We all know how complex it is to find the perfect match, not to mention the Visa process connected with hiring or transferring your international hires to the United States. Our platform aims to overcome these obstacles and improve the international hiring process for world-leading employers who believe in nurturing and developing young talent.


Find out how we're redefining International Recruitment 🌍

Streamlined Platform

Use our platform to post jobs, attract, recruit, and manage high-caliber young professionals actively seeking U.S. roles, all in one place.

Applicants Database

Access our database and view existing international candidates before your job goes live.

Provide Visa Sponsorship

Request Visa Sponsorship from Motum for your international hires or existing E.U. Employees that you wish to temporarily relocate to the U.S.

Why Choose Motum to Sponsor the Visa of Your International Young Professionals?

Motum takes on the substantial compliance responsibilities imposed by U.S. Visa regulations for employers that want to hire or relocate young professionals from Europe to the United States. We collaborate with world's leading Employers to manage the intricacies of their U.S. Work Abroad programs. This includes preparing applications, providing guidance on documents needed, ensuring adherence to government requirements, and processing Visas to your international hires or existing employees in only 1-2 months.

Explore The Solutions That Best Fit Your International Talent Needs

Whether you need to strengthen your U.S. team with high-caliber interns or young professionals, conduct an extensive research project with an international team, or simply relocate your employees to the United States for training or specific projects, Motum has got your back.



Reach top students and recent graduates from the best universities in Europe.



Engage with pre-qualified young professionals with 2-8 years of work experience.

Research in the USA with Motum


Find candidates with a unique skill set to contribute to your research projects.


Office Exchange

Transfer your EU employees under 35 to the United States for specific projects.

Hire Today

Join the Movement

Embrace the future. Join Motum and shape the future of your organization with tomorrow's global leaders. 

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