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What's included in the bundle?

1.  U.S. Resume for International Applicants ($45.99 Value): Craft a resume that speaks the language of success in the American job market. 


2.  Notarized U.S. Visa Sponsorship Certificate ($79.99 Value): Navigate the visa process with confidence, armed with a certified document that stands out. 


3.  U.S. Cover Letter for International Applicants ($34.99 Value): Make a lasting impression with a compelling cover letter that highlights your unique qualifications, including visa eligibility.

4.  U.S. Visa Prequalification Guide ($45.99 Value): Your comprehensive handbook to understanding the intricacies of visa qualifications, simplifying the process. 


5.  10 U.S. Recruiters Message Templates ($14.99 Value): Break the ice with recruiters using our professionally crafted message templates.

6.  Exclusive Access to Urgent Hiring Roles ($89.99 Value): Be at the forefront of career opportunities with priority access to urgent hiring positions.


Get the bundle of Motum's proven resources that have helped 10,000+ Internationals land paid internships and jobs in the United States. The Motum U.S. Career Toolkit includes everything you will ever need for your job quest in the United States. Once hired, the Visa Sponsorship is provided by Motum!

Originally $299.99

NOW $136.99!


No thanks, I don't want to save money


The U.S. Career Toolkit bundle is the culmination of extensive expertise and hands-on experience from a dedicated team of Visa Experts and American Recruiters. With years of experience facilitating job opportunities in the United States for international applicants and successful Visa Management, our team has meticulously crafted tools that have proven to be effective in navigating the complexities of the U.S. Job Search and Visa Process. Trust Motum to provide you with insights and tools backed by real-world success, ensuring your journey to a U.S. work visa is guided by the best in the field.

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